The VIP Apartments Group
Apartments for rent in
Copacabana Beach
Rio de Janeiro
The VIP Apartments Group is a group of apartments owned by individual owners that have in
common the management services of the VIP Apartments representatives.  All of our properties
are located in the Copacabana or Ipanema beach area and are available for short and extended
term rentals.  To contact the individual owners or to find out more about each individual
apartment, click on the pictures below and the link will take you to their individual website.  Also,
you can
contact our representative at or call at 55 21 8833
7743 to inquire about availability making reservations.
Copa Condo < - This high end
apartment can be rented as a 1 or 2 bedroom
apartment for a short or extended term stay. The
apartment was built in 2001 and is located in a quaint
and safe neighborhood just 4 blocks from the beach.
The caliber of this apartment is similar to a 4 or 5 star
boutique hotel. For a group that  need a second
apartment in the same building complex, this
apartment can be rented in conjunction with
apartment 402 below.
> Apartment Copacabana-  This luxury, American-Style  
apartment in  Copacabana can be rented for a short or
extended term stay.  It is located at  the end of
Copacabana, two blocks from the beach, and a ten-minute
walk to Ipanema.
For inquiry or reservations on any of
these apartments please click here
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< Apartment Visconde de Piraja in Ipanema
>Apartment 402 - This apartment can be rented
as a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment for a short or
extended term stay. This apartment is in the same
building complex as the
apartment and can be rented together for a group
that want to stay together in the same building but
want the privacy of  having a separate apartment
Apartment Sa Ferreira - This spacious 2
bedroom apartment located 1 1/2 blocks from
the beach can be rented for a short or long term
stay.  Due to the apartment being situated in the
back of the building complex, this apartment is
very tranquil  and quiet.